Andrew Stephen Holland was born in Georgia, but spent his childhood in Virginia, growing up in a Christian home. He accepted Christ at age 8.

After high school, he attended Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas. During his time at Christ for the Nations, Andrew traveled to China, Cambodia, & Vietnam on numerous missions trips, spending a total of about 6 months overseas.

in 2000, he met his soon to be wife and recent military vet, Angela Holland. They married in 2002, and soon after Andrew finished his Bachelor of Science at Southwestern Assembly of God University.

Andrew & Angela had their first child, Rachel, in 2005, their second, Isaac, in 2008, and their third, Ryan, in 2010.

In 2005, Andrew was hired as the Children’s Pastor at HighRidge Church Ft. Worth.  During his 11 year stent at HighRidge he has held numerous positions including Executive Pastor, Men’s Pastor and most recently, Orphan Care Director.

Andrew and Angela traveled to Ethiopia in October of 2012 with an organization called Kidmia.  The director of Kidmia asked him to speak on God’s mandate to care for the orphan.  Andrew replied by saying, “How can I preach about orphan care? I don’t know anything about orphan care.” The Executive Director of Kidmia responded, “You teach the Bible, right? Orphan care is in the Bible.” While in Ethiopia, God began speaking to the Holland’s about adoption. Their hearts were deeply impacted by seeing the plight of the orphan.

Within 2 weeks of returning from Ethiopia they learned that their son, Ryan, had Type 1 diabetes, and have since endured the struggles of caring for him. God continued to impress on them His desire for the Holland’s to adopt. So in January of 2014 they began their journey to adopt from China.  Yang Li Jun,now called Ethan, became their son on June 15, 2015.

The summer of 2014, the Hollands spent 6 weeks in Florida on sabbatical to receive refreshing.  As Andrew sought God, he knew his role at HighRidge would soon change.  In his return he met with 3 trusted friends to recount what God had spoken to him.  As he left a lunch with the last friend, he was stuck in horrendous traffic and had a God moment that would forever change his life.

As frustration rose due to the traffic he began to pray and seek God about his previous meeting and God used that moment of being “stuck” to redirect his path to serve orphans.  God gave him a clear picture of traveling to churches and training and empowering them to serve orphans by starting their own orphan care ministry, by recrutiing and supporting foster/adoptive families.  His strongest desire is to serve the church and not be a burden on the church.  His desire is to go to any church to share his heart for the orphan. He does not want distance, financial burden or the size of the church to impede his service to a church.

 “We are launching Hope Fort Worth to mobilze the local church in Tarrant County and beyond, to care for orphaned and vulnerable children.”

“Every child deserves a family, and the church is the solution. The church is the place where Godly families can care for children that need homes.”