Ken is a sweet and fun 12-year-old boy. He loves all sports and his favorite teams are the Cowboys and the Mavericks. Like most kids Ken's age, he also loves to play video games. He is described as "all boy" by those that know him best. He has fun going to the park and would love to have a family that would take him there to play sports with him. 

Ken is in Special Education classes at school. He works really hard and never gives up even when he gets frustrated. Ken is a very caring kid and wants a family to love and hopes to have a family that will love him unconditionally. He would love a family that will be patient with him and never give up on him. Please pray and consider giving Ken a forever family. 

If you are licensed to adopt and would like more information about adopting Ken, or if you are not licensed and would like information on how to become licensed to adopt, contact Chelsea Reidland at